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Repurposing Existing Content for Better Reach

November 24, 2023 - Emeka Anammah

The digital frontier has primarily become the battleground for capturing consumers’ attention. In light of this, small businesses often strive to create fresh, engaging content to stay relevant and build customer relationships. However, the constant demand for new material can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Fortunately, there’s a strategy that allows businesses to make the most of their existing content – repurposing.

Unlocking the Power of Repurposing Content

Repurposing content involves presenting existing material in a new format or through a different channel. This approach saves time and effort and helps maximize your content’s reach, reaching a wider audience and potentially generating more leads. Here’s how small businesses can leverage the power of repurposing:

1. Transform blog posts into visual content

If your business regularly publishes blog posts, consider transforming the key points into visually appealing infographics, slideshows, or even short videos. Visual content tends to perform well on social media platforms, offering a new and engaging way to convey information.

Tools to Use:

– Canva for creating visually stunning graphics.

– Biteable for easy video creation.

2. Convert webinars into podcasts

If you’ve hosted webinars or live sessions, repurpose the content by converting it into podcast episodes. Many people prefer consuming content on the go, and podcasts provide a convenient way to reach them during their commute or daily activities.

Tools to Use:

– Anchor for easy podcast creation.

– Audacity for more advanced audio editing.

3. Compile evergreen content into ebooks or guides

Identify evergreen content from your blog or other resources and compile it into comprehensive ebooks or guides. Ebooks can be used as lead magnets, requiring visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for valuable content.

Tools to Use:

– Designrr for turning blog posts into ebooks.

4. Share customer testimonials on social media

If you have favorable customer testimonials or reviews, turn them into visually appealing graphics and share them on social media. User-generated content builds trust and credibility, encouraging potential customers to engage with your brand.

Tools to Use:

– Adobe Spark/Canva for creating social media graphics.

– InVideo for dynamic video testimonials.

5. Repackage email campaign content for blog posts

Repurpose the content into blog posts if you’ve run successful email campaigns. This could extend the life of your campaign and cater to different audience preferences. 

Tools to Use:

– Mailchimp for email campaigns.

– WordPress for publishing blog posts.

Start maximizing your marketing today.

Repurposing content is a cost-effective and efficient way for small businesses to increase their reach and generate leads without constantly creating new material. By strategically adapting existing content into different formats, businesses can engage with their audience across various channels, ultimately building a more substantial online presence.

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