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September 8, 2020 - Victor Rogers

Let’s face reality. Our world is full of threats. Some seen and some unseen.

Let’s accept another premise. COVID-19 is not the first dangerous virus and it will not be the last. 

Save the American Dream is based upon the very real thesis that in the next year, three years or 10 years, our world will experience yet another virus that has deadly consequences. 

Can America’s small businesses survive another shutdown? We suggest, no! 

It is therefore our responsibility, as small business owners, as those who have risked our lives and our fortunes to prepare for the next coming virus. We can leave nothing to politicians who have no vested interest in our businesses or, more importantly, in the care that we have for our employees. 

These are not just employees. These are families. Each employee has a family and it is through our ventures that these families gain financial opportunities. It is through our endeavors and small businesses that these employees can become consumers within our society. 

America was founded upon small business owners. Merchants. Farmers. Service providers. All risked for the sake of a better life and for the betterment of our society. 

Our small businesses cannot fail. It is therefore up to us to find the solutions that will keep our doors open and our customers coming back. Our small businesses not only depend upon this but our economy depends upon this.

We are here to help. It is our aim to provide a resource of help and hope for our small business community for the sake of saving their American Dream! 

Join us. Suggest our Resources section to anyone you know who is looking for this hope.

The Alliance to Save the American Dream is a non-profit organization dedicated to three core goals.

1. Develop an Ideas Factory to give small businesses and industries a centralized place to share innovative ideas that must be considered.

2. Build a unique Resources portal for small businesses to go to for answers or resources that address a wide range of issues or challenges.

3. Offer a new networking opportunity for small business owners to connect while also giving them a platform to share their own personal stories.

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