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Resources and Useful Tips

December 14, 2020 - Victor Rogers

Save the American Dream encourages small businesses across a wide array of sectors to utilize resources to help them navigate the walls that COVID-19 continues to build. 

We continue to compile resources and helpful tips to guide business owners as they try to maintain their physical and financial health. Our resource page will provide you with a platform to connect with agencies that can help. 

Whether you’re looking for financial advice, marketing assistance or a single point of contact to help you navigate the range of services available from federal and state organizations, we encourage you to view each tool carefully.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented both wide scale tragedy and economic downfall. Small businesses, especially, have been threatened and have often been forced to permanently shut their doors. A recent Yelp study has discovered that nearly 100,000 small businesses have gone out of business since the start of the pandemic. The Visual Capitalist mapped out the uneven recovery that small businesses throughout the U.S. are experiencing. 

But help is out there and we are here to provide guidance. For more information, please visit our resources page to access the helpful links that include readily available partners, resources, financial aid, and experts. 

The Alliance to Save the American Dream is a non-profit organization dedicated to three core goals.

1. Develop an Ideas Factory to give small businesses and industries a centralized place to share innovative ideas that must be considered.

2. Build a unique Resources portal for small businesses to go to for answers or resources that address a wide range of issues or challenges.

3. Offer a new networking opportunity for small business owners to connect while also giving them a platform to share their own personal stories.

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