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How One High School Dropout Became His Own Boss

December 18, 2020 - Victor Rogers

Move over Uber Eats and Grubhub, there is a new delivery service in town. 

Profitboss, founded by 21-year-old Adam Guild, enables restaurants to deliver meals for free or at a significantly lower price than competitors. The app also allows restaurant owners to track and utilize their customer data. 

Guild’s unique background has allowed his company to prosper. His passion for technology dates back to his teenage days when we spent hours creating Minecraft servers and earning money for managing them. This led him to lose interest in his high school curriculum and drop out. 

“I’ve had a very weird life,” Guild said in an interview with Fox Business. “I built my first technology project when I was 9.”

When Guild’s mother launched her own pet-grooming business in a Los Angeles neighborhood, he stepped in and helped her reinvent her website. 

“At my mom’s birthday that year – it was me, my mom and my brother – and I remember, at the end of the dinner, she told us that this was the first year in as long as she could remember that she was really looking forward to the future again. She was re-energized by this business, and she found a purpose and passion through her team and all of her amazing customers,” he said. 

The idea behind Profitboss was to help local restaurant owners increase in-store traffic. But like most businesses across the nation, COVID-19 had other plans for them. 

“We had about four months of cash left. I had to lay off a bunch of people on the team, and everything possible that could have gone wrong did go wrong. I thought I was going to lose everything.”

As Guild, his employees, and his restaurant partners continue to navigate the reality of lockdowns and curfews, together they will adapt accordingly: one delivery at a time.

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