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Efficient Ways to grow your (B2C) social media 

June 7, 2023 - Emeka Anammah

It’s no surprise to anyone that a solid social media presence is essential to the growth and overall success of almost any enterprise today. A small business cannot hope to last very long without investing time, money, and creative resources towards ensuring that it is a priority, despite how ‘small’ the small business is. 

Here’s how:

Batch-create Content

‘Content’ might seem like an overused word nowadays. However, as mentioned, one cannot hope to achieve much without it. Businesses need content on their socials. The difficulty then comes with the consistent content flow to your spectators and consumers—many attempt to post daily, and have their phones on record at all times. However, we’d advise ‘batch-creation’ of content. This means having a designated day to capture and edit a few days/weeks’ worth of content, all in one planned day. This is most advantageous when this is used for high-demanding content forms such as video/reels. Planning these out every week or every other week will leave you in better shape to focus on other aspects of your burgeoning business.

Social Media Planning Platforms

Following the above step, the next best course of action will be to schedule your content for as far out as possible. The trick with social media is not so much having one viral post, but consistency. You set the precedent of how often your audience should visit your page. If you wish for them to engage with your content consistently, you must have a stream of content consistently. Examples of such platforms are Sprout, Planoly, Hubspot, etc.


You’ve seen ‘em, you love ‘em, now you gotta make ‘em. New reports show that video content (specifically reels) is now garnering the most views and likes on most Meta platforms, especially Instagram. The algorithm for post visibility leans into this. What that means for your business is: to grow your reach and recurring audience, you must produce reels, regardless of your industry. Going even further, trendy audio can be a helpful tool to maximize your exposure. Use these platforms to your advantage, and take the time to generate buzz on socials. Your business will thank you.


What’s better than content? Informed content. The beauty of social media is that it is fairly inexpensive, and most of the platforms such as Facebook and Instagram already provide built-in back-end analytical information. This will help you locate and specify your target audience, and curate content that meets their viewing and engagement needs. Use the insights provided from your own page, competitors, and other public information to specify your content. Data usually indicates preferences and affinities towards certain things, while also highlighting what does not pique the interest of the respective audience. Utilizing such information efficiently can be a game-changer for social channel growth.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

As a small business owner, the more you can automate, the better. Having  AI tools will help you do just that. Social media doesn’t simply end with the visual content but also includes the written copy that accompanies it.  This includes captions under Instagram posts, blogs on LinkedIn, and more. In order to expedite these processes, you can use AI tools such as Jasper AI, (which has free options) to formulate online copy based on the specified criteria that you provide. 

Social media can be a mammoth field to dive into, and more could be said, however, we hope you can take action on these tips listed above, and watch your following grow!!

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