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About Us

The Alliance to Save the American Dream is a coalition of entrepreneurs united by a common vision: that small business owners are the ones best situated to help other small business owners during times of crisis. We make it our mission to use our combined skills to give small businesses a place where their voices are valued, heard, and implemented in plans for how to move forward during these unprecedented times.

Colin J. Mason

Colin J. Mason is a director, editor, composer and writer from the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area, and the owner of Mirandum Pictures. Colin has over 14 years of experience directing narrative and documentary films, commercials, music videos, and animated videos. He has worked on hundreds of short documentaries and commercials in more than 17 countries and across 5 continents. His short narrative work has won dozens of awards for directing, editing and sound design, and has been featured in multiple film festivals around the world, as well as short film web sites like Film Shortage, Cinema 5D and DUST.

Victor Rogers

Victor Rogers started in the advertising world back in 1994 in the Chicago market. In 2005, Mr. Rogers started up STRIVE Communications to help deliver marketing and advertising services that excelled in captivating audiences and compelling a response within the Washington, DC market. Now STRIVE3, the business has grown in size and service offerings and aided in brand development for client creative and end customer outreach needs spanning traditional and digital platforms. Mr. Rogers has become more than a partner to his clients’ needs but also the Creative Director and ideas developer in building out the best strategic direction for clients across all channels of distribution. His team’s talents have garnered such top honors as the Big Idea award from the Direct Marketing Association of Washington. 

Damien Sanchez

Damien Sanchez started his career in public service as a firefighter for the US Forest Service and then went on to work for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue where he retired early to focus on his passion for business. Damien started his first small business, a public health pest control company in the DC area, in 2007. Then in 2011 he and his business partner saw a need in the landscape and outdoor lighting market for high quality LED fixtures, they started a lighting distribution/manufacturing company called Sterling Lighting that services markets throughout the US.


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