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6 Business Trends to Prepare for in 2024

July 7, 2023 - Emeka Anammah

As we pass the middle mark of 2023, several business trends have emerged and small businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. With every passing year, new business challenges emerge, making it imperative to continuously adapt and evolve. As we approach 2024, businesses need to prepare for emerging forces that will shape the future of their operations. We’ll be looking at six business trends and what they may mean for you and your enterprise.

Alternative sources of capital

 With ever-changing markets and unpredictable lending rates, traditional loan options for small businesses are losing popularity. Companies are looking for new ways to raise capital, where they could get lower rates and take on less risk. There has been a surge in alternative financing options in recent years, including crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, venture capital, and more. Not only are these an option to get started, but helpful to keep the business afloat in times of unexpected testing such as the last few years. As a small business owner, these are great avenues for you to explore for your present or future need for capital in your business. 

Rising interest rates could cool the economy: 

Since 2022 the Fed has kept a consistent increase in interest rates, and despite a fall in inflation, this could mean a slowing down of the economy.  This could have significant implications for both businesses and consumers, such as difficulty borrowing money. This might lead to less spending by businesses on things like expansion and growth, and for customers, a decrease in large spending requiring credit. Small businesses must take this eventuality into account when positioning their business for the near future. Check out more insights on this from BusinessNewsDaily.

Social media spending will increase: 

The pandemic accelerated the shift to digital advertising, and as we emerge from the pandemic, this trend is set to continue. It should be obvious to see that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are becoming more important for businesses to reach their target markets. A report from Zenith Media reports that social media ad spending will hit $225bn In 2024, indicating that the money is following where most businesses are getting the best ROI. Businesses need to plan and allocate sufficient resources to social media advertising to remain competitive.

Automation & AI will become even more important

Automation is not a completely novel concept, however, in recent years it is becoming more sophisticated and widespread. Generative AI such as ChatGPT, and machine learning are making it possible to automate almost any process. Generative AI can now come up with marketing materials such as articles, images, and even soundtracks, delivering customer service support. As many compare the boom of AI to the boom of the internet in the 80s and ’90s, it is a present need for businesses to explore the potential of automation and integrate it into their operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and simply not be left behind.

AI and big data will drive personalization:

It is an innate human need to feel special.AI and big data are now making it possible to personalize customer interactions at scale. Digital implementations such as purchase suggestions based on order history and birthday discounts utilize AI, making the consumer feel seen by whatever brand they interact with. Yours should be no different. Companies must adopt AI and big data technologies to analyze customer data and use insights to deliver personalized experiences. The businesses that can deliver personalized experiences at scale will be the ones that win customer loyalty.

Businesses will rethink sick leave to include mental health: 

In recent years, a brighter spotlight has been shone on mental health issues, with even a rise in several digital therapy or psychiatry solutions now available. Following this trend, businesses are beginning to recognize the need to support their employees’ mental health, such as Google, which provides free access to mental health programs as part of their benefits package to their employees. In order to have leverage in securing labor, your business will likely need to rethink the approach to sick leave and ensure that it includes mental health days. By supporting employees’ mental health, businesses can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and attract and retain top talent.

The future is filled with opportunities and challenges, and businesses need to be prepared to navigate the uncertainties. By staying ahead of emerging trends and adapting their operations, businesses can stay competitive in the years to come. Instead of fighting change, it is wise to maximize it with a flexible and agile mindset, embracing new technologies. In order to not only survive but THRIVE, it is best to view these predictions not as threats, but as opportunities for innovation. Stick to time-tested strategies of business, but remain open to novel ways of achieving the same goal: Success!

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